News March

Don’t “set” for second best

One of the key strengths of 184-B has always been its exceptional value for money. A remarkable result from ALOG‘s documentation is proof of the machine’s robustness and longevity. On one of our machines from 2016, we have only once had to service the setting unit, which has completed an astonishing 34 million setting cycles.

But we want more, at the heart of our development process is our commitment to understanding and meeting the needs of our users. Through careful analysis of customer feedback, we have identified areas where 184-B shines and where there is room for improvement.

Improved ease of use ensures that operators can maximise productivity, reduce downtime and optimise the use of resources.

Enhanced technical features ensure that 184-B remains operational when it is most needed, minimising disruption and maintain workflow efficiency.

As we embark on this journey of innovation and development, we are deeply grateful to our customers for their support and invaluable feedback. Your trust and partnership inspire us to constantly raise the bar and set new benchmarks of excellence.

To learn more about the updates, contact our sales team or have a look.