Chistoffer and Emil in front of our newest milling machine Okuma M560R-V

Patrik is standing up and Heikki is sitting down.

What is the best thing about your colleague?
Monika –
 Henrik is an eternal optimist and he always helps me out when I need assistance. He is also our package expert; the goods are always well and nicely packed.

Henrik – Monika is a great organizer, and she ties up any loose ends, which making my work less stressful.
We are a good team together!

Looks like you have a lot of spare parts in your warehouse!
We have 7.600 different varieties of spare parts in our warehouse, giving a total of 366,400 items.

Describe the blue ALO colour.
It is a more elegant version of the classic blue industrial colour.

Which is the widest ALO item you have sent?
A loop table to a 198-line. The package was 6,5 meters.

Thank you so much for meeting with me today.
Monika and
Henrik – Thank you too Anna and now it´s time for us to take care of business!