News September

Energy efficiency

Currently, many in Europe are talking about energy and how to reduce and save on energy costs. Fortunately, we at ALO have already worked many years on improving energy efficiency and constructed machines with an energy perspective in mind, ensuring that energy efficiency is designed into our machines. Examples being the setting machines and the hardening solutions.

Our machines today also support energy saving modes, enabling significant savings also when production is not running.

Examples of our dedication to energy saving designs:

  • We are using energy efficient components, such as the induction heaters from MagComp.
  • We are using high efficiency motor solutions together with control units that are optimised for the motors.
  • Minimising usage of hydraulic and pneumatic components to avoid energy costs for the end customers.
  • ALOG helps you to optimise and view the cost and production of the machines.
  • We supply all our machines with spare parts for a very long time, ensuring a long and efficient service life in production reducing the need for major investments in new machinery.

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