Meet the Loopmaster

We are pleased to present an update on the latest development of our Loopmaster system.

Loopmaster is designed to be a flexible system and can produce high capacity bimetallic blades. It also supports other blade types. It can produce welded loops of different lengths from the same master coil without changeover and is easy to use.

In this video, we have set up the system to cut three different lengths from a 41×1.3 blade: 3650 mm, 7000 mm and 5000 mm.

The design of the cell allows for up to three welding machines. In the video we have one welding machine, and the loading and unloading of a second welding machine is simulated by the robot.

Finally, we just want to remind you that Loopmaster is an add-on that can be combined with our standard ALO 177 CTL machine, so if you are currently using our 177 CTL machine, you already have the first building block!