ALO News February

ALO 106 – the only coil system you need!

ALO´s coil handling system is designed to make all coil handling safe, easy and smart.

ALO 106-MTU offers an optimised space- and cost-efficient system. 106-MTU is using one feed unit for up to 40 bands, where other systems often need one feed unit per band. The cubes can be nested on top of each other to save space.

Our new upgraded Cube, ALO 106, is designed to save space, cost and time with a safe and smart coil handling and storing system.

ALO can offer various solutions with the right features and functionalities that you need, to improve your production. For example, add ALO 825 loop table to your coil system to maintain an automatically controlled loop of band being feed into your ALO machine. We strive to offer a unique solution for your individual production and our experience in this area lets us offer the best system for you

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