ALO 681

Machine: ALO 681
Bandwidth: 10-25mm
Band thickness: 0-1.5mm
Toothpitch: 2-32 TPI
Capacity: 20-30 blades/min
Voltage: 230 VAC ±10% 1-phase

Setting machine for hand hacksaw blades

This setting machine is fully automatic and all functions are controlled by a programmable controller. The whole length of the blade may be set, or portions at each end may be left unset.
Setting symmetry and over all set is easy to adjust with micrometers. During the setting operation the blade is clamped by clamping jaws to make it possible for the oscillatory moving setting tools to set the teeth to perfection.
Control panel allowing machine to be operated in manual, auto and step by step mode. The setting speed is variable byuse of a thyristor control.
After the setting operation the blade will be transported out to a screw collect magazine. Both infeed and collect magazine takes approx. 700 blades.


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