ALO 600-15-1

Machine: ALO 600-15-1
Bandwidth: 10-15mm
Band thickness: 0.5-0.7mm

Capacity: Approx. 60 blades/min
Voltage: 230 VAC ±10% 1-phase

Cut to length machine for hand hacksaw blades

The band is fed from a powered decoiler through a straightening device to the feeding unit.
The blade length is measured in one feed cycle and the blade is locked with a double clamping system during the punch operation and the return stroke of the feed unit.
The compact toggle joint press is made of tool steel and equipped with linear ball guides and needle bearings to ensure long lifetime
At the punching operation the end of the blades and the holes are formed with hard metal insert dies that easily can be dismantled for regrinding or exchange.
Number of blades are programmed at the operator panel and the surveillance of the machine is done via a PLC.


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