Meet the Loopmaster

We are happy to present an update on the latest development of our Loop Master system.

Please read this first, before watching the video further down (we know you are excited).

Loop Master is designed to be a flexible system and is capable of high-capacity production of bi-metal blades. It also supports other blade types. It can produce welded loops of different length from the same master coil without change over and is easy to operate.

In this video, we have set up the system to cut three different lengths, one piece of each. We are cutting a typical fish/meat blade in the dimension 19×0.56 because this blade has challenging properties being little “flimsy” to handle, especially on longer loop lengths. So, we can call this a “stress” test or learning the boundaries and limits what it will be capable of.

The design of the cell allows for up to three welders. What may seem strange, is that we are working with one welder, and the robot must wait for annealing to complete. This is simply because we did not equip the machine with three welders during the development phase.

Finally, we just want to remind you that Loop Master is an add-on that can be merged with our standard ALO 177 CTL machine so if you are a user today of our 177 CTL machine, you already have the first building block!