ALO News April

The time saving pay off system with the short pay off time

One of the best way to cut costs and save time is when your production flows smoothly. ALO can now offer a budget friendly ”Light CUBE” that together with lift 106-E creates a rational and smart pay off system. Every shelf is flexible and quickly adapted to handle either coil or crate of different size.

  1. ALO 177 – ALO´s bestselling machine with the unique automatic tooth matching of bands, ready to go directly to weld. Work with barcodes for automatic, fast and correct set up of orders.
  2. ALO 106-E – The new rational and reliable cube lift for immediate and ergonomic changes between different dimensions and jobs.
  3. ALO 106-7LC – The cube is easy to load and unload from behind during operation. The shelfs open up, slides out for loading and when sliding in, locks in correct position with the bands stored safe and ready to go. Cubes can be stored on top of each other as a stock system ready for production at any time.
  4. Cube moves easy with help of a manual pallet jack or a forklift.