ALO 22-10-AS

Machine: ALO 22-10-AS
Bandwidth: 6-100mm
Band thickness: Max 1.6mm

Pneumatic table top shear. Cylinder “down” for vertical bands

ALO 22-10 is designed to give you a hassle-free cut and a smart edge-rotating-solution that allows you to use every corner of the shear before sharpening.

This shear unit is used in all ALO band cutting machines and is proven to cut the toughest band saw blades with ease and perfect results. The cut is performed by a powerful pneumatic shear unit with blades made of high speed steel. The slide is forcibly guided and will follow the cylinders wedge back on the return stroke. The shear cuts widths between 6-100mm. The high cutting force comes from an air cylinder that is reinforced to about 2500 kg via a wedge system.

The pneumatic shear have cutting edges made from hardened powder steel ASP 23. The cutters can be re-ground and the design admits adjustment of both slides and cutters.

For 22-10-AS, an extra clamp is included to hold the cut piece of material. This is an option for the other table shear models.

With the option foot pedal-set (20-40) it is very easy to control the shear with the foot and it will make the cut in an easy and safe way.

The shear is produced in three different sizes depending on the bandwidth range. Each shear can be supplied in different basic versions A or B, to suit your cylinder and blade placement requirements.


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