ALO 177

Machine: ALO 177
Bandwidth: 6-100mm
Band thickness: 0.3-1.6mm
Toothpitch: 14 TPI
Capacity: 13-15 blades/min
Voltage: 400 VAC ±10% 3-phase

Cut to length machine for band saw blades

The newest generation of ALO´s cut to length machine is designed with the new unique and innovative tooth matching system called “match finder”. Never before has it been so easy to prepare band saw blades for welding thanks to our brand-new ALO 177 cut to length machine.

The new design makes it so easy to perform a setup, simply load an actual blade into the machine, activate the match finder feature, toggle matching preference on the screen and save.

Now there is no need to manually adjust tooth detector in any axis. Simply specify the size from a tooth where the finished weld should be located and then prepare the band saw blade for welding with compensation for weld burn off for perfect tooth and pattern match. The process is fully automatic and can repeat the same set up time after time with excellent results. Just choose length, band width and how many blades you need to cut and go!

MF+ (Match Finder Plus) is an option, which allows you to complete an intact loop of several shorter pieces that you weld together. This will minimize the waste of band saw blades. This helps you to save material when, either of the coil reaching the end or if a band error is detected.

With this new machine ALO is changing the way band saw blades are cut to length, the new ALO 177 cuts your blades faster, more consistent and with higher accuracy than ever before.

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