ALO 185

Machine: ALO 185
Bandwidth: 12-100mm
Band thickness: 0.4-1.6mm
Toothpitch: 0.5-14 TPI

Voltage: 230 VAC ±10% 1-phase

Automatic set gauge for band saw blades

The gauge can be placed in line with any ALO band saw setting machine or be equipped with a special feeding device and operate as a separate measuring station. The system can stop the setting machine if the set is going out of one of the set‐up tolerances. Information about the set as well as what coursed the stop, will be shown on the screen. The system will call for operator support by the use of a green, yellow or red “traffic‐light” placed on top of the computer cabinet.

The set gauge will measure each set tooth on a band saw blade and check against user’s defined tolerances. The individual settings of each tooth as well as average, imbalance and overall set will be shown on the screen of the connected PC.

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