ALO 152

Machine: ALO 152
Bandwidth: 9-50mm
Band thickness: 0.5-1.5mm

Capacity: 100 blades/section by 0.8mm
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

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The shear is made of hardened and ground powder HSS ASP 23. The cutters can be reground and the design permits adjustment of both slides and cutters. The flat straightening machine have straightening rolls of both upper and the lower roll frame are supported by back‐up rolls and are surface‐hardened.
The length measurement is done via a pulse transducer and a measuring roll.
The system can be compensated for wear of the measuring roll.
Optional lengths and number of blades will be set on control panel.
Ink‐jet printer type Domino Codebox of latest model with two lines.
The central controls includes all functions for both manual and automatic modes via a PLC type Melsec with control panel.
The coiler is equipped with electrical motor and the speed is controlled via an ultrasonic band loop system. Coiler capable of both clock and counter clock vice coiling.
The magazine is equipped with a sensor system to prevent over filling.


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