ALO 600-40-1

Machine: ALO 600-40-1
Bandwidth: 10-25mm
Band thickness: 0.3-1.1mm

Capacity: Approx. 35 blades/min
Voltage: 380VAC ±5% 3-phase

Cut to length machine for blades

This cut to length machine for blades makes it so easy to perform a setup, simply choose length and number of blades on a keyboard and surveillance of the machine operations is done via a programmable controller.
Up to 3 different blade lengths/types can be ordered/set up and machine will automatically change from first, to second and third type without any down time. Machine set up or changeover will take from 30 seconds to maximum 5 minutes if going from shortest to longest blade type. The controller will also signal when machine or punch tools require service.
The blades drop down to a magazine packing mechanism that feed the blades into the magazine where they are vertically stacked.

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