ALO 195-T

Machine: ALO 195-T
Bandwidth: 16-70 mm
Band thickness: 0.6-1.6 mm

Capacity 1: 16×0.6 mm @ 8.0 m/min to 250 °C
Capacity 2: 41×1.1 mm @ 5.0 m/min to 250 °C
Voltage: 400 VAC ±10% 3-phase

Colouring generator of band saw blades

Want a different look for your saw blads? The ALO 195-T Colouring generator is our latest heat treatment machine. It colours the metal at a top speed of up to 8 metres per minute (depending on dimensions and colour). It is the most energy-efficient choice for colouring the bandsaw blade. You only use energy when producing, when production is finished the machine can be switched off and no more energy is consumed. The machine is ready for production within half a minute again when needed.

The equipment consists of a fixed induction generator with a maximum output power of 14 kW. The generator control unit is built into the control panel of the equipment. The output power is controlled via a PLC unit. By using Litz coils, insulation/radiation protection and magnetic flux feedback, the efficiency is significantly better than other technologies available on the market.

This design has significant advantages over traditional induction heating equipment:

  • The controller allows for precise temperature control.
  • A heater with very high efficiency, in some cases > 85%.
  • A heater that has virtually no magnetic current fields, eliminating medical risks.
  • A robust heater that can withstand mechanical loads.
  • A heater that provides even heating of products without overheating the edges.