Machine: ALO 198-ILTA
Bandwidth: 20-80mm
Band thickness: 0.6-1.6mm

Voltage: 400 VAC ±10% 3-phase

Continuous hardening and in line tempering of bi-metal band saw blades

ALO 198-ILTA is capable to perfect hardening, tempering and quenching of bi-metal bands in an in line operation and thereby eliminating time consuming and costly operations such as recoiling- straightening and separate tempering operations.

The induction pre-heating, inline tempering and quick quenching system reduce labour and energy consumptions with as much as 30-50% compared to other alternative systems.

All band and process parameters, are entered and saved in central control software making it possible to process and repeat in a controlled form for all dimensions (within the specified scope) of backing and HSS materials known as standard for bi-metal band saw blades on the market.

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