ALO 191-MST-4A

Machine: ALO 191-MST-4A
Bandwidth: 6-38mm
Band thickness: 0.4-1.3mm
Toothpitch: 3-18 TPI
Capacity: 5-15m/min
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

Induction tooth hardening and tempering with bend straightening and mechanical straightening unit

The machine is fast and has an easy start up and change over. The air-cooled oscillator tubes make the generators high in efficiency and low in energy consumption. It has a high reproducibility due to accurate digital/analogue settings of power, speed and work coils.

Shiny hardened teeth
We understand the significance of avoiding undesirable marks in your final product. Our new 191-MST-4A eliminates this concern, leaving you with perfectly treated surfaces.

Band feed system
The band feeder consists of two units, one acting as a feeder, the other as an adjustable brake to control the band tension. The system is designed for accurate speed and guiding and electromagnetic friction brake for optimal control of band tension.

Importance of managing costs
With 191-MST-4A, you can keep track of gas and energy expenses. Boost your efficiency while keeping your budget in check.