ALO 187-C

Machine: ALO 187-C
Bandwidth: 13-50 mm
Band thickness: 0.4-1.6 mm
Toothpitch: 0.5-14 TPI
Capacity: Max 140mm + unset tooth/set cycle
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

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Heavy duty band saw setting machine with SGS camera system and feed roller unit

ALO 187-C together with the SGS camera system will help you to monitor and get in full control of the setting process and quality. The SGS system automatically adjust overall set and symmetry by actuators

The machine is equipped with a feed unit that is using the SGS camera system for positioning of the teeth in the setting head. A setting head, sets all teeth, both sides, simultaneously and can thereby handle both longer set groups and harder band material.

One of the benefits, is high production speed, plus the possibility to run the bands with either tooth direction, making any re-coiling operation of the teeth orientation before setting unnecessary.

187-C is a setting machine that can handle all segments of production (meat, fish, wood, bi-metal).