ALO 831

Machine: ALO 831
Bandwidth: 6-80mm
Band thickness: 0.3-1.6mm

Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

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Electrical double band saw coiler

ALO 831 has a sturdy design with a welded steel frame and the plates of aluminum have machined slots to facilitate bundling and loading/un-loading of coils with hoist equipment or similar.

An electric motor with integrated frequency control, regulated in combination with a band tension arm ensures a very even and smooth operation, no matter if it operates with an ALO machine or as a ”stand-alone” installation.

A control panel with buttons for CW or CCW direction, jog function, and e-stop is mounted on the stand. Foldable protection rolls that enclose the coil are included as well.

Choose between three different sizes of the coiling plate:
831    Ø1000mm
831-1 Ø1200mm
831-2 Ø820mm

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