ALO 490-L

Machine: ALO 490-L
Bandwidth: 50-155mm

Toothpitch: 4-12 TPI
Capacity: 5‐8 m/min
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

Inductive tooth hardening and tempering of wood handsaws

ALO 490-L has high efficiency and low energy consumption generators with air-cooled oscillator tubes. Automatic anode current control keep the anode current constant during the whole coil. The inductors are made of copper tubing and can be custom made for different pitches and blade gauges.
All water exposed components are made of non‐rusting material such as copper, brass, or stainless steel.
The blade feeder consists of a linear feeder built into a welded stand of sturdy construction. The linear feeder is driven by a servo motor. The blades are manually positioned with the teeth up in the blade holder and the linear feeder feeds the blades through the hardening inductor, after which the teeth are quenched in air.


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