ALO 487-MH

Machine: ALO 487-MH
Bandwidth: 35-150mm
Band thickness: 0.5-1.6mm
Toothpitch: 4-12 TPI
Capacity: Max 6 blades/min (L=500mm)
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

Setting and Induction Tooth Hardening of Hand Saws

ALO 487-MH is design for the hand saw blade market and can handle all known forms and groups of teeth with a repeated feed pattern up to 150mm.

The setting and hardening are integrated making the sequences fully automatic and all functions are controlled by a PLC.

ALO’s setting and induction hardening concept is well proven to be fast, reliable and trustworthy and give excellent results. The high efficiency of the generators and inductors keeps the cost per blade low. And as always, we have focused on making a design that is fast and easy to set up for the operator.


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