ALO 192-S

Machine: ALO 192-S
Bandwidth: 20-26mm
Band thickness: 0.65-0.58mm

Capacity: 10-25m/min
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

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Induction edge hardening of utility knives

The hardening generator is air cooled, thus limiting the cooling water requirements to inductors and oscillating circuit only. To ensure optimum hardening conditions during start‐up of the grinder the generator is also equipped with a chopper which will control the output power in relation to the speed during start up. When full speed is achieved the anode control system takes over.

The hardening inductors are adjustable in height for different blade widths and sideways for different blade gauges and inductor gaps. They are interchangeable and changing from one type to another is very simple and fast.


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