ALO 181

Machine: ALO 181
Bandwidth: 6-50mm
Band thickness: Max 1.6mm
Toothpitch: 3/4-32 TPI
Capacity: 0-1800 teeth/min (single setting)
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

Setting machine for band saw blades

The band saw setting machine ALO 181 is specially made to handle all known forms and groups of teeth with a repeated pattern of max 75mm.
ALO 181 is fully prepared to connect to ALO 185 Automatic set gauge.
Feeding, clamping and the oscillatory motion of the setting head are mechanically timed. The machine is universal and easily to adjust for different dimensions within the given specifications, and also equipped with automatic stop at band end.
The feed rate easy adjusts by means of a potentiometer and a display shows the actual feed/min.
The feeding mechanism is due to a self‐lifting design never in contact with the tooth tip. Feeding pins are made of HSS or carbide and available in different models to fit different tooth pitches and are easily exchanged.

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