Emil together with ALOs mechanical design team – Anders, Jörgen and Mattias. 

“I think ALO is an exciting company with many different work tasks. The assembly jobs have been fun. Everyone is nice and made me feel welcome.”

This is how William Lithén sums up a period of job experience and summer job at ALO, and we agree – technology is exciting!
Great job and thanks for your time here, William!

Daniel, to the right is showing William around at ALOs workshop.

We would like to say a big thank you to Isabell who has completed one week of APL (Workplace Learning) with us. Our electricians Patrik and Heikki have had the privilege of supervising Isabell, who attends the Electricity and Energy Program at Mora high school.

Isabell together with Patrik and Heikki.

“I’ve learned a phenomenal amount in these weeks. Everything from reading electrical diagrams to building well-made electrical cabinets. I hope to work with things like this in the future!” says Joel Vinter after 3 weeks of workplace learning at ALO. Joel attends the Electricity and Energy Program, second year at Mora high school.

Joel´s talented supervisors Patrik and Heikki comment:” We are grateful for a good collaboration with Mora high school, and we appreciate the work of the talented young people. It feels good to contribute to good and relevant education.” Good job Joel and thank you for your time!

We would like to say a big thank you to Marco Kristoffersson who has completed his APL (Workplace learning) with us. Together with our CNC-operators, Marco has had the chance to try the different CNC machining processes, he has a keen eye for detail and mechanical aptitude. Great job Marco!

Marco, second to the left, flanked by his talented supervisors Jim, Emil, Sixten and Tommy.

Why is work experience programme important to ALO
ALO’s essential functions and competences are, among other things, electrical and mechanical assembler, CNC operators, designers, programmers, planning, purchasing, controller, sales, technical customer support.

HR, logistics, social media/websites, product specifications/sales materials etc are other examples of “must-have” functions and support which requires the right skills.

By inviting our young people into our everyday life, an interest can be awakened and, through a good and relevant education, perhaps in the end lead back “home” to us.

Elin Nelson