ALO 705

Machine: ALO 705

Capacity: Cycle time=30 sec incl. Loading and unloading
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

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Inductive hardening equipment for gearbox parts

The manipulator’s gripping fixture picks up the cone in a defined pick‐up position on the incoming conveyor belt. The stationary fixture with the cone starts rotating in the inductor and the heating starts. After heating is completed the magnetic valve opens and the cone is quenched. The fixture plate goes down and brings the cone out of the inductor, at the same time as it brings a new cone into position under the inductor. The manipulator picks up the hardened cone and delivers it on the outgoing conveyor belt at the same time as a new cone is positioned on the feeding device.

The machine has a control panel with electrical cabinet, pneumatics and Allen‐Bradley PLC‐based control system. The operational sequences can be run automatically or manually by jogging step by step.


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