ALO 701

Machine: ALO 701

Capacity: Approx. 250 axes/hour
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

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Induction hardening and tempering of axes

The hanger devices are adjusted by turning the cross so that correct fixture for the current axe is in the hanging‐up position. The axes are manually feed. The servo‐motor feeds one pitch, 254 mm, approx. every 15th second, which means that one axe is pre‐heated and one axe is finally heated in the hardening inductor. Total time for heating is approximately 30 seconds. A cover in the incoming side of the cooling shower opens and closes at the same speed as the step‐by‐step feeding and the edge is cooled down in the shower. The feeding from the shower works the same way. The shower is only operating when the covers are closed to avoid splash in the surroundings. In the tempering inductor is one axe heated at a time. Total time for heating is 15 seconds.


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