ALO 283

Machine: ALO 283
Bandwidth: 20-75mm
Band thickness: 1.1-2.5mm
Toothpitch: 3/4-32 TPI
Capacity: 6‐8 sec/blade (Blade length =350mm, 4tpi raker setting)
Voltage: 220 VAC ±10% 1-phase

Setting machine for power hack saw blades

ALO 283 can set all known forms and groups of teeth with a repeated pattern of 125 mm (5 inch).
Feeding, clamping and oscillatory motion of the setting head is mechanically timed.
The machine is universal and easily adjustable for all different dimensions within the given dimension range.
The machine is fully automatic and all functions are controlled by a programmable controller. The feeding magazine, that handles approx. 200 blades, will separate and feed one blade at the time to the setting unit.
The total length or part of the blade may be set according to your request.
Setting symmetry and over all set is easy to adjust with micros. During the setting operation the blade is clamped hardly by a movable clamping jaw, to make it possible for the oscillatory moving setting tools to set the teeth to perfection. After setting, the blade will be feed into a collect magazine.


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