ALO 191-CP

Machine: ALO 191-CP
Bandwidth: 12-38mm
Band thickness: 0.6-1.4mm
Toothpitch: 0.5-14 TPI
Capacity: 5-15m/min
Voltage: 400 VAC ±10% 3-phase

Induction tooth hardening and hot straightening of band saw blades

The machine is fast and has an easy start up and change over. The air-cooled oscillator tubes make the generators high in efficiency and low in energy consumption.

The system includes a straightening generators. The inductor can be customized and is adjustable in height and width.

The band feeder consists of two units, one acting as a feeder, the other with a pulling 4-wheel drive system designed for accurate speed and guiding and electromagnetic brake for optimal control of band tension.

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