ALO 184-A

Machine: ALO 184-A
Bandwidth: 20-67mm
Band thickness: 0.4-1.6mm
Toothpitch: Max 32 TPI
Capacity: Max 12m/min
Voltage: 400VAC ±10% 3-phase

Setting machine with programmable feed stroke for band saw blades

Its modular design makes it possible to start with the basic setting unit 184-A and upgrade the system to 184-B with SGS camera systems and automatic symmetry adjustment at later stage.
The machine is operator friendly and easy to set up on different sizes.
A novelty is pneumatically blade guide clamping which simplifies loading and unloading and ensures that bands are guided correct.
A completely new design of the setting head and clamping unit with very few and durable parts ensures high availability.

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